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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday April 11th 2009

Okay so I woke up this morning to the sound of Heidi screaming at 8am. It was a mistake to stay up late last night downloading films, even stupider for lying in bed reading 'Twilight' for the 100th time. I'm absolutely knackered, as usual, and I'm still waiting for my mum to wake up so maybe I can go back to bed for an hour, for the last time for a week. My mums going to Spain for a week on Monday, so it'll just be me and Heidi here. As I was saying anyway, the first thing Heidi did when she came downstairs was get her hand stuck in the VCR, again! trying to put the Barney The Dinosaur DVD box in. So I put the DVD in the right thing and shes sitting happily watching it, occasionally getting up and dancing whenever music comes on, she loves it when Barney sings. I'm only on the PC to try and make myself wake up for the day. Not that we're doing anything or going anywhere, we never do. It's Easter tomorrow, but theres no eggs in the house. I've already munched myself through three eggs this week. I was gonna get Heidi a small Milkybar Shaker egg, but when I went to buy one, they didn't have any left, they only had the big ones and I DON'T want to live in a house with chocolate smeared up the walls so I got her a set of farm animals instead. I think she prefers them to be honest, she hasn't let go of the little cow for days.
As I'm writing this, Barney's still on, Heidi's now got a bottle in one hand and a piece of toast in the other.
I just went in to make toast (for her), a cup of tea (for me) and to heat a bottle of milk (for her), and she followed me into the kitchen and opened a drawer, pulled out a load of takeaway leaflets out, closed the drawer and got her fingers trapped, whilst this happened, the microwave pinged, the toast jumped from the toaster and the kettle boiled. So with a crying child in my arms I made her toast, made a cup of tea and put the lid back on to her bottle, picked up the leaflets and gave Heidi her medicine.
I want to go back to bed!

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  1. Hi Kim, Keep hanging in there it is all worth it in the end. You will meet new friends. Good on you to stay off the drugs and drink as it is not an easy thing at a young age. I so enjoyed your blog as I too was a teenage mum at 16. My daughter has just turned 26 and I would not have changed a thing. Look forward to reading more of your blogs


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