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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where I Am Now..

I haven't wrote on here for a long time! Well everything has changed - again!
I'm still with Sam, we've moved into a gorgeous 3 bedroomed house in the 'posh' part of town. Gorgeous but expensive - the bills are ridiculous but I absolutely love it. 
Heidi is settled in nursery and actually has her own bedroom for the first time ever! 
Hard to believe from reading my other posts but it actually wasn't planned, I'm due in October and this time we're having a little boy :) haven't got any names yet as we can't agree on anything so it's baby-no-name for the minute.
Sam got a better job which is double his wages, and I've taken on more hours at work so we're as okay for money as you can be in this credit crunch.
It's weird, everything was so shit for so long I never pictured Sam and me having a normal life. But every goal I've had this year so far has been achieved. My next goal is to learn to drive, a motorbike is fine when you haven't got kids, but its not really a family vehicle. Sam wants to get a crosser and he wants me to get a car. So I'm taking 9 months maternity leave and I'm hoping that in that time I will be able to pass my test. My dad said he will buy me a car if I can pass - so it's all good :)
Hoping to get away to Spain with Heidi for a few days soon too.. Sam can't come this time as he hasn't got a passport, so I'm just gonna stay with my mum and dad in Alicante for a few days to chill out before I have the baby.
Everything just gets better. I'm so happy :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

January 2011 - A new beginning

Hi all,
Well, I feel like a totally different person this year!
My boyfriend and I are both working, we've both got motorbikes and we actually have some money for a change! We have a nice two bed house in a rural area and we're getting on famously.
We've had a few downs - My bike got stolen about a month ago, the police found it and I had to pay a £150 release fee just to get it back! Ridiculous! The boys who stole it have gotten away with it so I'll never see that money again.. my bike gets stolen - and I have to pay for it! They totally wrecked it aswell, so it cost me a lot of money to fix it and get it back in working order - bloody scum bags - it really put a downer on me, I nearly lost my job because I couldnt get to work without transport (my bike got stolen from my works car park) and I thought everything was going down the pan.
But no, I think my luck may have changed this year (touch wood) and I'm really happy!
Heidi's three next month, and she's becoming quite the little madam - We're having a party for her at my work, and she's really excited about it.

I wonder why it is - when everythings going so good I don't have anything to write about! No one wants to read good news I suppose.

To be honest - I'm getting really broody! I want aother baby, and so does my boyfriend. I know it's probably not a good idea, but we're both working - we have our own house but we want to go on holiday this year - so any money we've saved is going towards that. Sam also said he wants to save at least £1500 before I get pregnant, so we wont have to worry about money. Our house isn't really big enough either - so if I got pregnant with a boy - we would need a 3 bedroomed house.

Ah well, I'm only 18 so I've got plenty of time for another baby. We'll have to see.

Thats all for now really.

Ciao for now x