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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

17/02/2010 - My Week So Far

Okay so I'm really trying to keep up with my blog this time.. and I do love writing them but I can't ever think of anything to write!

It's Heidi's 2nd birthday on Sunday, and she's already had her presents (books, a new pram, other odd bits) but I still haven't decided what to do for her birthday.. I seriously need to be more organised.

I think we're going to take her to Wacky Warehouse or the equivalent of it, as she hasn't been before and it will be a nice change. We were going to go to Alton Towers or Chester Zoo, but funds aren't high enough and she isn't really old enough to appreciate it anyway..

Also, this week my mum's gone away so I'm staying in her house with sam. We're currently moving all the stuff out of the flat as we've been evicted (too many 'complaints' but the landlords a tosser anyway) and we're moving into his dad's 8 bedroom house for the time being. Probably going to go look at some more houses this week too.. as I don't know how long it will last living with his dad, step-mum and 6 siblings all under the age of ten.
Can't say it won't be interesting...
I'll tell you how it goes next week :)

Eviction Notice - 01/02/2010

One month to get out.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Month-Late New Years Resolution.

Okay, I haven't written to my blog in a lonnnnng time!
I had really planned to write more in my blog over christmas and new years.. But something always manages to get in the way...
So, a few major changes have happened within my life during 2009!
To name a few: -

  • Got back with an ex, and it is now my longest relationship ever (7 months) which is a big yayy for me :)
  • Quit college :/
  • Started (and momentarily took a break from) driving lessons!
  • I now participate in an activity called *whispers* cooking. :O
  • And.... cleaning! *shudders*

Yes so, compared to the bratty teen you saw on 'Underage and Pregnant - BBC3' i have changed LOTS. I cook, clean and haven't been out in 3 months! Not been drunk since Sept '09 (my 17th birthday)! and now have a miniscule circle of friends compared to the ones i had last year.

I know i'm nearly a fully grown adult and everythings worth it in the end and all that - but being an adult is shite!

I hate being immature but I'm terrified of growing up!