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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20/04/2010 A New Me

To be honest nothing much has changed since I last wrote.
  • Sam and I are doing sooo much better now we're not nailing that shit.
  • I'VE PUT ON TWO STONE! - But I'm happy about it.
  • I have new idea's for jobs!
Right so my job ideas are a bit random. I got an email this week from someone offering to 'monetize' my blog by doing sponsored videos and posts, which I would like to do because I'm on the computer whenever I get a chance so I may as well make some money from it!
The other job is tutoring little kids Spanish. I've got A* GCSE Spanish so I'm sort-of qualified, and the money could be quite good.. Plus it won't be that hard teaching children how to say 'cat' and 'dog' in Spanish.

I also think you'll all be happy to know that MCAT isn't hardly in my life any more :)
Not having anything though is making me eat like a pig - I forgot how much I LOVE food.. I'm healthy again at just under 8 stone.

Not much else to write.. Think I'm going leave it until I'm emotionally drained and need to vent before I write again, because this post seems boring to me..
See ya!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is just a quick post to update everyone whilst my pizza is cooking.
I'm going to watch 'Clash of the Titans' in 3D tonight with my cousins :)
Me and Sam are starting afresh, without any drugs and we're moving to a new town.
My mum and I are on bad terms. She hates Sam to put it bluntly, and she doesn't know I'm still seeing him.
I'm back at my mums house and Sam is still at his dads.
Heidi's fine :) as always.
I'm still applying for loads of jobs to no avail.
I'm starting my driving lessons again soon :)
All for now..
C ya next week!