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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quick job update

I've got two interviews!
One for a care home on the 1st September
& one for sainsburys on 4th September
I'll let you know how I get on x

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Continuing the job hunt!

Right, thats it!
I've had enough!
When you hear about young unemployed people, you assume they are all dole dossing people who can't be bothered to get a job.
In my experience, this is NOT true.
In the past four months, I have applied for over 37 vacancies and have attended 3 interviews.
I've applied for absolutely everywhere, and I'm gonna post on here where/what I've applied for.
  1. Phones 4 u
  2. Greggs (x2)
  3. Webbs
  4. NHS care assistant
  5. Administrative council job
  6. Apprenticeships (x5)
  7. AAlco
  8. Tern consultancy
  9. arcade assistant
  10. Coin processor
  11. Administrative job with Staffs Moorlands
  12. Help the aged
  13. Datatec group
  14. Esporta
  15. Lloyds TSB
  16. ASDA
  17. KFC
  18. New look
  19. James Brindley High school
  20. Swimming teacher apprenticeship
  21. Sainsburys
  22. Select
  23. Odeon
  24. Matalan
  25. WHSmith
  26. FM recruit
  27. Macdonalds
  28. Co-op
  29. Care assitant Mill Rise
  30. Subway
  31. Warehouse assistant
  32. production operative
  33. Shop assistant
  34. Sales assistant
  35. Receptionist
  36. JJB sports
  37. Laundry assistant.
Still NO Job!!
I think the thing holding me back is my experience, but ffs I'm 17, I haven't got any experience!
I've got good qualifications and NO ONE will give me a chance.
My mum doesn't pay for me, and as I'm not old enough to claim jobseekers I have to live on basically nothing. Sam gets £100 every two weeks, but it isnt enough for both of us.
I get up early to take CVs everywhere, I apply for about 2 jobs a day and now I'm really starting to think I'm never going to get one!
Rant Over.
If anyone can think of anywhere else I can apply for - don't hesistate to post a comment!