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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When to Let Go.

When you fall for somebody, do we ever really let them go?
I don't think we do to be honest. If you fall in unconditional and irrevocable love you wont get out of it. When the relationship is over, the feelings may die down a bit, but they'll always be there. When the memories start to fade you cling on to the parts that are too hard to let go, they keep you awake at night when you blink back the tears of the time you'll never get back
Because it's over.
Why can't we let go? Do we cling on to every last strand of hope that one day you'll reunite? Do you put yourself 0ut there hoping against hope that there might be the tinisest chance with them, just to be rejected?
Scientists can explain how our circulatory system works, tell us what happened since 8000BC yet they cannot explain how love works. If we knew how it works, we could prevent it and create a cure. It's one cure I would take without a doubt.

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