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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Public Reaction

When I was pregnant, I got a few funny looks from people in town. As I'm a pretty paranoid person anyway, I thought it was ten times worse than it was. I was always expecting people to whisper about me when I walked past them, pointing at me, with disapproving looks on their faces. In a shop once, I was about 8 months pregnant buying shoes, there was a girl who looked just a bit younger than me with her mum, they were infront of me in a queue, and I heard her mum say 'scum'. I was furious, especially as I was with my mum and she didn't say anything to her, to make myself feel better I said in an especially loud voice 'God mum, I'm about to drop and that girls still fatter than me, haha!' about the young girl, which was true but her mum gave me the dirtiest look ever, and left the shop without buying anything.

Now Heidi's 16 months, and I'm nearing 17, I don't notice it as much. I went to a playgroup with her yesterday, and although it was obvious I was nearer to the babie's age than the other mums, they didn't give me dirty looks or anything. I have to say though, I was the only mum there getting down on my knees playing with my daughter, all the other mums were standing around talking.

Is society beginning to recognize that teen mothers aren't as bad as the media portrays them to be? Of course, there will be some Vicky Pollard types, but the majority of us are trying to make the best out of a supposedly bad situation, and most of us are coping just fine.

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