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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Letter to a Murderer.


I don't even know if you're still alive. Smackheads don't make old bones.
If you are, I hope you fucking die. You took away my sisters life without a second thought. I know you were off you're face half the time, but my sister had so much fucking going for her and you had to ruin everything.
If you got yourself clean then I hope that everynight when you try to go to sleep you are kept awake with the guilt of taking another persons life.
I have so many questions for you:
Why did you do it? Why my sister?
Did you ever care about her? Why did she take it? Did you force her?

It's been five years since she died and people have moved on. Did you know you nearly drove my mum and dad to kill themselves? Did you fuck. I was the youngest left to pick up the pieces, trying to be strong for my parents so that the whole fucking family didn't fall to pieces, do you have any idea what thats like?
My dad wanted to kill you, actually seriously take your wank life away like you did to her. I wish he had, because even though it won't bring her back, at least then there would be at least one sense of justice. If I saw you myself you would have five fucking years of grief on you.

You killed my family, and not just Debbie.

You know I used to think you were cool? I didn't know you were a smackhead because I was only 10, I can't believe my sister would go with a filthy scumbag like you.
Where the fuck were you when she went in a coma outside somerfield?! You got her on it and you left her to die. Words can't explain how much disgust I feel for you.

You filthy, dirty smackhead.

Yours sincerely

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