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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20/04/2010 A New Me

To be honest nothing much has changed since I last wrote.
  • Sam and I are doing sooo much better now we're not nailing that shit.
  • I'VE PUT ON TWO STONE! - But I'm happy about it.
  • I have new idea's for jobs!
Right so my job ideas are a bit random. I got an email this week from someone offering to 'monetize' my blog by doing sponsored videos and posts, which I would like to do because I'm on the computer whenever I get a chance so I may as well make some money from it!
The other job is tutoring little kids Spanish. I've got A* GCSE Spanish so I'm sort-of qualified, and the money could be quite good.. Plus it won't be that hard teaching children how to say 'cat' and 'dog' in Spanish.

I also think you'll all be happy to know that MCAT isn't hardly in my life any more :)
Not having anything though is making me eat like a pig - I forgot how much I LOVE food.. I'm healthy again at just under 8 stone.

Not much else to write.. Think I'm going leave it until I'm emotionally drained and need to vent before I write again, because this post seems boring to me..
See ya!

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