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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is just a quick post to update everyone whilst my pizza is cooking.
I'm going to watch 'Clash of the Titans' in 3D tonight with my cousins :)
Me and Sam are starting afresh, without any drugs and we're moving to a new town.
My mum and I are on bad terms. She hates Sam to put it bluntly, and she doesn't know I'm still seeing him.
I'm back at my mums house and Sam is still at his dads.
Heidi's fine :) as always.
I'm still applying for loads of jobs to no avail.
I'm starting my driving lessons again soon :)
All for now..
C ya next week!


  1. Good luck- I hope everything works out well for you.
    p.s. talk to your mum! x

  2. Hi Guys, it's me's funny because I've been checking back to this blog ever since about 2011 when I first started taking mcat. I've written about 3-4 comments in this blog (as anonymous user) throughout the years, all of them saying every time how BADLY I want to stop!!! 4 years on and I still take it every other week, calmed down a lot compared to before!! But...I really want it to be out my life for good, really guna give it a propper go this time round. I've stopped for a few weeks before. And I've heard from others if you can do a month it does get easier. I've tried to take practical steps towards my goal eg deleting all dealers or friends that know deals numbers from my phone. That helps because when your drunk and go through your phone u remember why u deleted the numbers in the first place. (Because the comedowns outweigh the high eventually, u feel feel like an absolute bag of crap after it's so not worth it) nothing productive gets done when your on it, u don't get back to 'normal' till a few days. I just need to grow up and get the will power back that I know I have! Drugs have never really been me, I mean although I take it I've always known deep down inside it's not how I wana carry on or what I'm really about!!! So, it starts today....I've tried MANY times before but feeling confident about this time round, no excuses no exceptions....I will repost back to this blog on regular intervals just to keep you guys updated!! x take care and good luck everyone x


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