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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yearly update

Hi everyone,
Sorry for not updating my blog regularly like a good blogger, this past year has been crazy and I've been very busy!
So if I was ringing 'the dole', I would probably have to say my circumstances have changed. I'm now 19, still with my now FIANC√ČE (eek!) Sam, Heidi is now 4 and we have an addition to the family, little baby Connor who is now 7 months. I'm still on maternity leave but I go back to work in a few weeks, and I can't wait! It's so boring being at home.
 Little Connor

So as some of you know, I used to ride a scooter which was appalling in winter haha, so I've been having driving lessons for the past year and I've got my test on Friday so wish me luck!
We came back off holiday on Thursday, we went to Alicante, Spain to visit my parents for 10 days and it was great, apart from Heidi getting tonsillitis and prickly heat all over her body for the first week, and me getting bronchitis and heat exhaustion.. but apart from that it was good! Sam and I spent most of our time quad biking through the mountains and just generally relaxing and enjoying our family

Sam, Heidi and Connor in the jacuzzi at my parents place in Spain

I've decided to come back to blogging, I read the news every morning and some stories are ones that I have very strong opinions on, but my comments get lost in the thousands of others that are posted... So you can enjoy my rants here :)

Welcome back to my old followers and welcome to all the new ones that may arrive!


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