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Friday, September 17, 2010

I've Got A Job!!!

Soooo I got offered a job!
It's at Tesco and I'm over the moon really :)
BUT (theres always a but!) the hours are terrible.
Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat.. 5pm-10:15pm So I'm going be stuck in the city centre on my own at night on a weekend.
I'm going to do my CBT and get a 125cc scooter so I don't have to wait around in dodgy bus stations late at night, so basically it's going to cost me about £650 just to start working!
Ah well, at least when I've got my scooter sorted I'll be able to apply for alot more places.
AND I'm 18 on Tuesday, so I'll be able to work in alot more places too!
Things are starting to look up :)
One thing I'm quite gutted about though is that my mum and dad are moving back to Spain and I'm staying here. So I'm not going to have my mums support and when I think about it I get really upset. They've hardly given me any warning aswell, as they're going on 4th October.
I need to let my mum go as she was having problems with my dad living over there and with her staying here with me, and she thinks I will really thrive if I'm not depending on her all the time.
I could go straight back to how I was, or I can become someone who I can be proud of.
I've got a house, job, a stable partner and a beautiful daughter, I couldn't really ask for more!

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