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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Job Hunt

Carrying on from my last post...
So we got paid our job seekers, and then the next Tuesday we didn't get paid - AGAIN.
Cutting a long story short, they've stopped paying us, and cancelled our claim, so we're back to square one again regarding money.
I went for an interview for an apprenticeship yesterday and i really liked the idea of it, the woman who interviewed me was really nice and seemed to like me too. I went back today for a second interview with the manager and found out that the job is nothing like it was advertised. I applied for administration and the vacancy is for basically telesales!
So I don't want that job..
I got a call today for another interview for administration in a warehouse, the interview is tomorrow at 8:30am
Just as I'm writing this the post came, I got a letter from another job I applied for as a sales assistant and they're processing my application.
So hopefully it seems as though I'll be getting a job soon. Today Sam and I went through the newspaper circling jobs and rang up about them too. We also rang up about a house with no deposit, and they're ringing me back today.

On another note, me and Sam are getting on really well, hardly any arguments and I'm really happy :)

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